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The cool cats from the loops - Hit singleswjl criado porwjl no 04/08/2018

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Alex Sarikov rastafari Shi hurzel cody tripp Balfo Inkless jussef63 Joe3000 JMB65 ArkRockStudio Don_T WhiteDrum55 nadrek moonchild StJray OliVBee Itocpogo
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These tracks are what I've discovered so far after being a member in Wikiloops for less than two months. None of them contain any contributions from *me* (that will come later), but I think these are so good that they just deserve to be shared, and heard. I've never discovered more creative and nicer people than in Wikiloops - so this is like giving back to you. Thanks ladies and gentlemen, for your awesome work, for your warm and welcoming ways, for just being you.

You need to be here


Review por jussef63 no 04/08/2018

Thx a lot my friend you are a cool cat here, please join the album, I love it



Review por Don_T no 04/08/2018

Great album, WJL. You are one of the cool cats too, want to hear more of you as well smile.gif
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