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Collaborationswjl criado porwjl no 04/08/2018

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Ouvida: 287 vêzes
artistas participantes:
OliVBee moonchild Liesching wjl Stella DrStrgeglv Major 3rd Relativity Shi Tofzegrit Acousticeg Dafunkydrummer Stef AnneCozean kimbo davidaustin StJray Pewi ROBJOL
acêrca deste album:
I had the pleasure - and feel very honoured - to play along with world-class musicians right from my start here in Wikiloops. This first album *with* some contributions from myself shows what I did since I joined less than two months ago, chronologically. So you'll hear more or less everything from my debut track until my latest one from today. Thanks ladies & gentlemen, for a wonderful ride, and for kindly guiding me and taking me along!

Nice collection


Review por TeeGee no 04/13/2018

Very cool beginning, well done. Some very sensitive additions, I like the way you approach adding to tracks!!

Eine sehr schöne Kollektion


Review por Pewi no 04/08/2018

Eine sehr schöne Kollektion. Vielen Dank, dass ich ein Teil davon sein darf.

A great collection of music.


Review por davidaustin no 04/08/2018

Thank you for including me in this album Wolfgang, I hope to hear many more tracks from you.
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